About us

At Integrative Health Clinic we are committed to:
Scientific integration of lifestyle modifications, nutritional therapy, modern medicine for prevention and root cause resolution of chronic diseases.

Patients are at the center of this approach and a patient-practitioner therapeutic partnership is central to addressing and in many cases reversing the course of chronic disease.

We work as medical detectives focusing on finding the root cause. In addition to your history, examination, advanced diagnostics and functional testing are utilized to drill down and find your individualized root cause(s). A personalized plan is developed, so we can work as a team to restore you to better health.


Just as healthy lifestyle factors promote and maintain great health, harmful lifestyle factors can also negatively impact our health and lead to an array of different chronic diseases. By working together we can identify how certain aspects of your lifestyle are contributing to your health issues. Exercise, rest and relaxation, stress management, diet, detoxification and efficiently removing bodily waste; are some of the areas we will discuss.

By truly listening and sharing my experience and knowledge I would like to inspire and empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


In my experience many of my patients have nutrient deficiencies; this can be due to their lifestyle or our depleted soils not providing what we need or at some stages of our life our demands for certain nutrients are greater than supply. I have seen amazing results with optimization of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. Optimum nutrient levels lead to efficient functioning of biochemistry which in turn leads to a balanced immune system, effective detoxification and reduction in inflammation. Nutrients replete the body and mind, and help one to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Where appropriate I use a biomedical approach that incorporates nutrients as a therapeutic tool to support the body’s biochemical processes such as methylation and pyrrole disorders. When I use nutrients as a therapeutic tool like this – it is imperative to regularly monitor clinical progress, nutrient levels and adjust doses to prevent harm.

With my experience and knowledge of herbs and hormones; they are safely incorporated in treatment plans as required.

Modern Medicine

Modern medicine has a lot to offer. In trauma and emergencies we rely on it. It also helps us train in diagnostic skills and critical thinking. What it doesn’t do very well is manage chronic health issues. This is where scientific integration of the three approaches mentioned above is immensely beneficial.

I aim to use pharmaceutical medicines as little as possible. You may find that by following this integrative approach, it may be possible to safely reduce your current medicines. It is important to understand that it is not advisable to reduce/stop any of your medications without supervision from a medically trained doctor.

Please note that some treatments recommended at Integrative Health Clinic may fall outside the scope of conventional medical practice.

The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.

Joyce Meyer