Before You Start

Scope of Practice

Integrative Health clinic is run by a medical doctor who specializes in lifestyle and nutrition medicine. We offer integrative medical consultations for stated services under the service section. This is not a general practice therefore we do not enroll patients and do not offer the full range of general practice services. I am a vocationally trained GP and may work in that capacity in a general practice setting elsewhere.

I strongly advocate that each patient visiting us has a general practitioner of their own. That’s where you would have your acute and routine health care like cx smear, mammogram recall, etc.


Having good understanding of nutrients and herbs I prescribe and their possible interaction with conventional/pharmaceutical medications helps me to prescribe them safely.

For your safety, I strongly believe that your GP should be aware of all the treatments you are receiving elsewhere including this clinic. This is important so that your GP can also prescribe safely, after taking into consideration of rest of your treatments. It is our policy to communicate with your GP unless you specifically request that we do not, this will be discussed with you at the new patient and report of findings visit.

Cost of Appointments and Treatments Offered

This clinic is a self-funded clinic and doesn’t get any government subsidy to care for patients. Integrative consultations require time to assess the root causes of your problem and work out integrative solutions.

There may be an additional cost if I need to spend extra time reviewing your history, past tests, etc. to come up with a treatment plan. This will be discussed and agreed at the time of your consultation.

There is an interpretation cost depending upon the time it will take to interpret your functional test results and to make a treatment plan based on the results. The time required will vary from 15-45 mins. This will be explained to you at the time we decide to order the test.


The following is a general guideline to the frequency of visits and what to expect at your visits. Of course, this will not work in every case and services will be tailored to your individual needs.

The first appointment is for 90 mins.

Once you book your initial appointment, we will be sending you health questionnaires to fill in. Please take the time to fill them in as thoroughly and sincerely as you can and send them back to me before your appointment. This will help me understand your issues and possible contributing factors even before you come in.  At our initial meeting, we can look at the relevant areas in more detail. Tailored investigations will be requested to confirm diagnostic possibilities, nutrient levels, etc. Investigations may include laboratory tests, radiology, and functional tests. Approximate cost and instruction to perform the tests will be discussed and written information will be provided at the time of the request. A preliminary health plan (one or two diets and lifestyle change, nutrient, or herbal support) could be drawn up at this visit.

The second meeting is usually booked 3-4 weeks from your initial visit. By this time your results would be back and you would have had a chance to observe the effect of the preliminary health plan. In collaboration with you, your personalized health plan will be formulated.

Subsequent appointments: Follow up appointments may vary from 4-12 weeks intervals. Once things are stable it’s important to check your nutrient levels and touch base at 6-12 month interval to make sure all is in balance.

Telemedicine: It’s awesome that we can have a consultation from the comfort of our homes through telemedicine. To get the best out of your investment of time and money, it’s important that you commit to the appointment fully. Best to organize and inform your family so you are not disturbed.

We understand that our Clients have busy schedules, and we take pride in not keeping them waiting or keeping them longer than planned. Each session will end as it was scheduled to in order to maintain a respectful flow for other clients. Please be on time, so that we can get the most out of our session.

Your Commitment

We are here to dig out the roots of your health problems, provide you with a personal healing plan that suits your pace, educate you, and support you. However, you will need to make the necessary changes to achieve your health goals. We are here to inspire you and work at your pace.


At Integrative Health Clinic, we specialize in utilizing nutrients and herbs as a treatment approach to balance your biochemistry.

We prescribe practitioner only supplements that you can obtain in NZ, or good brand supplements that you can obtain directly from online stores.

We recommend that you avoid low cost nutrients from poorly known companies. It is tempting to replace what you have been prescribed with a cheaper alternative, however it’s not all the same, for example, there are many different magnesium formulas and what you need may not be present in the substitute. Sometimes it can even be harmful, if it is contaminated with lead, mercury or other toxins. You may discuss what brands are safe with your practitioner.

If you purchase products that are alternatives to the ones you have been recommended, you should be aware that you may not get the results we are hoping for.


It is my deep commitment to inspire and empower each client to achieve harmony with their body and achieve their best possible health.