Initial Appointment

  • The initial consultation includes:
    • 90 minutes of consultation time.
    • 30 minutes preparation – analysing questionnaire and test results.
    • 30 minutes post-consultation preparation of detailed assessment summary and treatment plan.
    • Two email communications between your appointments.
  • During your first appointment, we will review your health history- including questionnaires you would have already filled, current symptoms and concerns as well as lifestyle and dietary habits and discuss your health goals. 
  • I will perform a targeted physical examination and request appropriate investigations. Approxiamate cost and instruction to perform the tests will be discussed
  • Together we will agree on a preliminary treatment plan with a few lifestyle changes and one or two nutritional supplements.
  • Appropriate reading material/handouts will also be provided.

Second Appointment / Report of Findings

  • The report of findings is 60-90 minutes.
  • This visit is booked 3-4 weeks from your initial appointment.
  • QOL questionnaire will be analysed and discussed at each follow up appointment.
  • This is an important meeting to review lab results and assess your response to the prelimnary treatment.
  • I will explain the root causes that have emerged from the information gathered so far and give insight into the biochemical causes of your health concerns.
  • Together we will agree on a detailed treatment plan that will include lifestyle intervention, nutrients and, if necessary, medications.

Further follow up appointments

Discussion of progress and refinement of treatment at each consultation.


Face-to-face or virtual consultation fees will be applicable starting 01 August 2023:

  • Initial consultation – 90 mins: $695
  • 90 mins: $520
  • 60 mins: $365
  • 45 mins: $275
  • 30 mins: $190

Repeat prescriptions : $30

Referrals, short letters (without an appointment) will incur a cost as per time spent, the minimum is $30.

Email consultation fees are according to time used, the minimum is $30.

All fees include GST.

For insurance cover, please check with your insurance provider.

Additional Cost

There is an interpretation cost depending upon time it will take to interpret your functional test results and to make a treatment plan based on the results. Time required will vary from 15-45 mins. This will be explained to you at the time we decide to order the test.

There may be an additional cost if I need to spend extra time reviewing your history, past tests, etc. to come up with a treatment plan. This will be discussed and agreed at the time of your consultation.

Cancellation Policy

In an unexpected event, if you need to cancel your appointment, we respectfully request at least 24-hour notice, so that we can offer it to your fellow patients on the waiting list.

If the appointment is cancelled without 24 hour notice will incur full fees for the consultation.


Payments are expected straight after the consultation, either through a Credit card or by Internet banking

Late payment fees of $45 will apply if invoice is not paid within 7 days

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