General Health

It is a well-known fact that chronic diseases are related to life style factors. However, it’s not that widely known or accepted that deficiencies or imbalance of simple nutrients like minerals and vitamins play crucial role in manifestation of these diseases. Many chronic diseases are preventable and by addressing root causes many can improve to an extent that medications either can be reduced or stopped safely.

I have seen amazing results with optimization of nutrients. Optimum nutrient levels lead to efficient functioning of biochemistry which in turn leads to a balanced immune system, effective detoxification and reduction in inflammation. Nutrients replete the body and mind, and help my patients lead a healthy lifestyle with exercise, rest and relaxation, stress management, diet, detoxification and efficiently removing bodily waste.

We are devoted to prevention and root cause management of diseases. The following are some of the conditions we specialize in. If you don’t find your condition below please inquire here to see if we are able to help you.

Hypertension and related health issues< id="target-id6657d41a5685a" class="collapseomatic_content "> In our modern world, hypertension is one of the biggest risk factors of death and disability and its rising as our population ages. Lifestyle modification is one of the mainstays of management of hypertension, including exercise, relaxation, stress management and diet. It is also important to optimize nutrients and have a personalized program so that you can easily incorporate the above life style modifications. It is possible to avoid or reduce your medication use if you are willing to take control of your life; we are here to help you. Even better, we would love to work along with you to prevent you having hypertension and its many life threatening complications.

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome< id="target-id6657d41a56903" class="collapseomatic_content "> Insulin resistance and prediabetes precedes diabetes by many years. If you belong to Maori, Pacific or Indian ethnicities, or you have a family history of diabetes or you developed diabetes when you were pregnant, you are at higher risk of developing diabetes. Our aim at integrative Health Clinic is to catch you at these early stages and help you manage your health so that you never see diabetes. Diabetes trend in Aotearoa: The incidence in younger adults and adolescents is increasing, especially in Maori, Pacific and Indian ethnicities. People with diabetes especially with early onset have increased complications and death. At Integrative Health Clinic we are especially enthusiastic about helping you achieve better control of your diabetes with our special knowledge in use of nutrients and herbs alongside medications prescribed by your doctor. Many a time you will be able to reduce your medications in a monitored safe manner and we always communicate with your family doctor.

Thyroid health issues< id="target-id6657d41a5692f" class="collapseomatic_content "> It is estimated that 5% of Women and 1% of men have overt thyroid health issue. Many are not diagnosed because their TSH is within normal range. At Integrative Health Clinic we would assess your thyroid thoroughly to find out if your low energy, hair loss, feeling cold all the time or unable to lose weight are related to thyroid health issue. Many people have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as an underlying autoimmune problem while others have insufficient nutrients required to make thyroxine or convert thyroxine to active thyroid hormone in the cells. It’s my pleasure to help find if your thyroid dysfunction is contributing to your overall ill-health and if yes what’s driving your thyroid dysfunction and help you correct it or manage it. I am well versed with synthetic and glandular thyroid replacement.

IBS and Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth – SIBO< id="target-id6657d41a56952" class="collapseomatic_content "> If you have suffered with IBS or rosacea for many years we would love to hear from you. Recent research suggests that small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO may be responsible for up to 75% of IBS cases. SIBO can also be responsible for irritable bladder and worth exploring. I have been fortunate to see rewarding results by treating SIBO in above conditions.

Anxiety, depression< id="target-id6657d41a56972" class="collapseomatic_content "> All anxiety and depression are not same; they can have a variety of underlying causes. It may vary from exogenous to endogenous and simple folate deficiency to methylation or pyrrole disorder or hormonal imbalance. At Integrative Health Clinic we endeavor to define what’s driving your particular mental health issue and help you address it to achieve resolution. You may be able to reduce your medication but only under appropriate supervision and plan.

Digestive health issues< id="target-id6657d41a56991" class="collapseomatic_content ">Chronic diarrhea, constipation, bloating, excessive wind or burping, abdominal pain or cramps, reflux or indigestion.

Allergies< id="target-id6657d41a569af" class="collapseomatic_content ">Asthma, eczema, hay fever.

Sleep disturbance or insomnia

Fatigue/burn out