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Our aim is to help you reach your healthy and happy state of being.
We emphasis on proactive and personalized preventive health care and root cause management of your health issues for your unique health needs.


Faulty lifestyle is a major cause of health problems. Its our job to work with you to identify what faulty lifestyle is contributing to your health issues and inspire you to change them to health promoting habits.

With optimum nutrient in your body you are than able to make require lifestyle changes.
Exercise, rest and relaxation, stress management, diet, avoiding toxins and efficiently removing metabolic waste from the body.


It is our experience that lot of us have nutrient deficiency, it can be from faulty lifestyle or our depleted soil not providing what we need or at some stages of our life our needs are greater than supply. We have seen amazing results with optimization of nutrients like minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids.

Use of herbs and balancing hormones are also used to help your body’s immune system and detoxification pathways.

When we use nutrients as a therapeutic tool- we have to regularly monitor levels and adjust doses accordingly.

Modern medicine

Modern medicine has a lot to offer. In trauma and emergencies we rely on it. It also helps us train in diagnostic skills and critical thinking. What it doesn’t do very well is manage chronic health issues. This is where scientific integration of all three is immensely beneficial.

We aim to use pharmaceutical medicines as little as possible and you may find that by following this integrative approach you are able to safely reduce your current medicines and may be able to stop. We don’t advise you reduce/stop any of your medications without supervision from a medically trained doctor.