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Dr Nayana Shah

Dr Nayana Shah is a Fellow of Royal NZ college of GP with special training and interest in a holistic approach to treating patients. Originally from India, she has been working in general practice in NZ for over 15 years.

Throughout her time in general practice she developed a keen interest in prevention and an integrative approach. It is her experience that by optimizing nutrition and lifestyle factors many chronic diseases can be managed with less medication. She pays close attention to lifestyle, diet, stress, nutrient status and hormonal balance. She is deeply devoted to prevention and root cause resolution of illnesses.

As a medical doctor she has diagnostic skills, investigation ability- labtest, radiology etc. plus ordering functional tests and interpreting them to come to root cause diagnosis. She carefully monitors the response to treatment by regular clinical follow up as well as investigation as appropriate. Over many years of medical practice and personal development, she has developed the ability to listen to her patients with full presence. This is what is most valued by her patients.

Her particular interest areas are women’s health issues from teenage to post-menopause. She is experienced at managing teenage period problems, acne, supporting fertility,  perimenopause issues of heavy periods, PMS, painful periods; menopause-related hot flashes, sleeping difficulty, loss of libido and sexual enjoyment to post-menopausal management of osteoporosis; brain health and agile ageing.

She also manages Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Gut health issues of IBS, SIBO, Chronic constipation, bloating and thyroid disorders and metabolic disorders like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, anxiety, depression etc.

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Dr Nayana is committed to living a healthy lifestyle and practices what she preaches. She incorporates many wellness practices into her daily life and has done for years including daily meditation and mindfulness practice, cooking from scratch with health promoting ingredients, growing an array of different produce at home organically. She enjoys gardening, juicing, walking, cycling, hiking, jogging, Yoga, aerobic and Zumba classes.

She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with the community and inspire and empower patients achieve the best health outcomes.